Katena acquires IOP Ophthalmics

Ophthalmic surgical solutions companies unite

In December 2013, two market-leading companies, Katena and IOP, were brought together with a unified vision: to create innovative products that help solve surgical problems encountered by ophthalmic physicians.

Katena, a world-renowned manufacturer of fine quality surgical instruments, brings to the new company a comprehensive line of more than 1,400 instruments for use in virtually every ophthalmic procedure and technique.  Working with key physicians who pioneer innovative surgical techniques for improved visual outcomes and faster recovery, Katena is constantly adding to the product line by designing, prototyping and developing new instruments. 

IOP brings to the new company technologically advanced biologics, surgical implants and devices for treatment of ocular surface defects, glaucoma disease and oculoplastic abnormalities.  Their proprietary tissue processing technologies produce dehydrated allografts that are sterile and safe, with the advantage of room temperature storage and transport.  IOP produces allografts which are designed to  address ophthalmic problems in both the operating room and the office. 

The combined resources of Katena and IOP create an unparalleled team of surgical consultants in the United States, as well as a distributor network that reaches to more than 115 countries worldwide. Each member of our new team receives in-house and field training on current ophthalmic surgical procedures, instrument use and handling, and the proper use of biologics in operating room and office environments. 

With this expanded portfolio of complementary products and a thoroughly trained team, the combined company is uniquely positioned to offer creative surgical solutions and technical support to ophthalmic surgeons and OR staff.